23 November 2017 @ 08:43 am
It's that time of year again, the InsaneJournal Holiday sale is live. Here are the prices we will be selling our upgraded accounts and rename tokens at.

Permanently Insane account - $30 (regular price $50)
Permanent Extra Userpics - $15 (regular price $30)

Paid account 12 Months $15 - (regular price $25)
Paid account 6 Months $10 - (regular price $15)
Paid account 1 Months $2 - (regular price $5)

Extra Userpics 12 Months $10 - (regular price $20)
Extra Userpics 6 Months $5 - (regular price $10)

Rename tokens - $4 (regular price $5)
Rename tokens (5 pack) - $15 (regular price $20)

Insane Userpics (5000 total user pics) - $100 (regular price $150)

These prices will remain in effect until November 28th at 9am Eastern Standard Time (GMT -0500)

Then, for the rest of November and the entire Month of December we will be selling Permanently Insane accounts for a discounted price of $40 (regular price $50)
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16 November 2017 @ 09:44 am
So I finally got the owl griffin mount last night. Yep, after the money made from Halloween, I went ahead and splurged the 250 gold. In packets of 50g per map. It was like paying mortgage.

I'll need to level it up now. I already have the mastery points saved up. So it's just a matter of doing XP.

I'll probably just do map completion that I need to do on all my characters anyway for their class spec collection. That should be more than enough.

No comments about the Mountgate rage going on in reddit/forums. I didn't bother buying the Halloween skins and I didn't bother with the new random mount skins. Unlike the default glider skin, I'm fine with the default mount skin. *shrug*

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14 November 2017 @ 10:27 am
AN: This is an omake fanfic of a Quest (fanfic) called To Boldly Go, based primarily on Star Trek.

This plot bunny bit out of the blue. It's a direct sequel to The Definition of Life. Basically, the reward for the previous omake was to have Mipek and Yanag assigned to the USS Lightning, which is running the experimental testbed for the isolinear computer system before we can roll that out to the fleet. (And as a result, Lightning gets a +1 science stat out of it too.)

Then, I looked over the Q2 logs for the Lightning, and lo and behold, they had a mission to the computer-phobic Arcadian Empire. And so, this fic happened.

Also, I guess I'm starting to fill out the non-Seigaku expies. Though at this point, I'm just using the Tenipuri characters as the basis for coming up with names and rough job/skill profiles. Characterization is not going to be the same since they're not all high school tennis players.

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12 November 2017 @ 11:41 am
AN: This is an omake fanfic of a Quest (fanfic) called To Boldly Go, based primarily on Star Trek.

Just to say this right off the bat, I wasn’t really aiming for suspenseful court drama for this omake, more fanservice-dressed soapboxing. That said, it also isn't intended to be an in depth essay to defend AI rights. I’m sure there are dissertations worth of that stuff elsewhere on the net. I structured things to be centered more around interesting cameos and the POV they might be able to offer, and what would make sense from an in-universe and in-character perspective.

To give a bit of background, Mipek was accepted by the USS Odyssey and has been living in Sol without problems for 2+ years now. So what changed to suddenly create this conflict? Well, the obvious antagonist was the Daystrom Institute and its record of problems with AI in Trek, and they just happened to have started researching the latest gen of starship computer cores as of the last research vote in-game.

I suppose, in another timeline where they actually brought up the M5 in the court case, this court drama would be an actual drama with the big reveal being DI was trying to revive the M5 program and sneak AIs into starships. And then Vice Admiral Eaton would put her foot down. Here however, they were savvy enough to cut their losses. After all, losing this one research request wouldn't hurt them as much as being kicked off their research spot would have been.

Absent that, this is mainly going to be about Mipek, and whether it gets to be treated as a sapient life form. In light of that (and previous depictions), there wasn't much room for the plot to go. So I ended up picking the fanservice soapbox route. *shrug*

As another aside, I'm proud I managed to sneak "yudan sezu ni ikou" in there for my Tezuka expy. ^_-

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Anthony Haftel is a canon character from TNG. Hopefully he'll learn his lesson here and not try to take away Data's kid in the future. Or maybe he'll come back later as an antagonist when we find Data. Who knows.

Areel Shaw is a canon character from TOS. I flipped a coin to see if she'd be too old to show up. But anyway, the last org chart I saw for the JAG department didn't have many high ranking spots anyway, so I guess most people there just languish at lower ranks or something...

Aaron Satie is yet another canon character from TNG. He was required reading for Picard at the Academy (and that's coming up soon too!) so he should be a famous judge around the current time.

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09 November 2017 @ 02:11 pm
AN: This is an omake fanfic of a Quest (fanfic) called To Boldly Go, based primarily on Star Trek.

For once, this is an omake with only canon characters, no OCs. Sadly, it came about when we assigned Commodore Saavik to head a task force that got into a fight. They won (narrowly), with only 1 ship lost. Unfortunately, the destroyed ship was the flagship of the TF (USS Kumari), and it was destroyed by a warp core breach. Meaning, everyone died on it, including our flag officer. Kinda sad, since we've sent out task forces to fight before with OCs at the head, and they all made it though. I guess Saavik has just had awful luck by the dice rolls throughout this game-quest.

Anyway, after seeing the combat results, I originally wanted to write an omake on Spock's reaction to what happened. Unfortunately, it turned out that trying to write Vulcan grief was like bashing my head against a wall, so I gave up and went for easier pickings. As it turned out, the career timeline of our current Commander of Starfleet, Sulu, jived really well with Saavik's career timeline. So, this fic happened.

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Quest Timeline Reference:
2306.Q1 Sulu appointed to RA, Director of Starfleet Explorer Command
2308.Q1 First reference to Saavik as XO of USS Sarek under Captain Straak
2309.Q1 Start of Saavik’s 5YM on USS S’harien
2309.Q2 Sulu promoted to VA, Director of Starfleet Tactical
2313.Q4 End of Saavik’s 5YM on USS S’harien
2314.Q1 Saavik assigned to Starfleet Tactical
2314.Q4 Saavik promoted to Commodore
2316.Q1 Hikaru Sulu appointed Commander Starfleet
2319.Q2 Eternal Empire arc begins
2320.Q2 Battle of Exar Draconis; USS Kumari destroyed
2320.Q4 Sulu expected to step down as Commander Starfleet

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