14 June 2021 @ 09:21 am
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07 June 2021 @ 09:09 pm
I don't think there's an official translation of the song titled《无所畏惧》 but it's probably close enough. The first time I heard this song as I was busy going over all of Zhou Shen's recent works, and at the time, it actually didn't really stand out to me among the sea of his other works.

Then the second to fourth time I heard it, I started thinking that the refrain was actually really catchy, even if the transition was a little awkward. But I still saved it into my playlist. Then the more times I heard the song, the more I liked it. Later when I started looking closer to the lyrics, I found myself liking the calmer starting part of the song too. And today I think I've been basically listening to it on repeat.

This is not the first of Zhou Shen's songs where this happened for me. For example, the same thing happened with 《和光同尘》 from my last post. I'm constantly upping the rating of various songs on my playlist, as they repeat on my playlist and start eating my brain, lol.

But can you believe that this was actually written for a cartoony game? It really sounds more appropriate as the main theme for a serious film or a TV documentary. Or as many users on bilibili have it, for stuff like this... (Huh, seems like you can't embed videos from bilibili here? Or is there something I'm missing?)

One more thing, found this behind the scenes video which I found interesting. Zhou Shen actually sang aloud for the filming of the MV even though he didn't have to (the boy just likes to sing, lol). The video shows that even without a microphone, his voice still carried through the mini orchestra. Haha, I guess that's what a degree in bel canto will do for ya.

Second addendum, found the English version of this song, obviously not sung by Zhou Shen. Man, the difference a vocalist and singing style makes. I wonder why they didn't just have ZS sing the English version too? I mean, he sings perfectly fluent English. (Was he too expensive to hire for two songs? :p)

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