N/A ([info]cashew) wrote on September 22nd, 2004 at 12:07 pm
Things about college they never tell you at the new student orientation
Just stuff I've summarized over the four years in college. Feel free to tack on as many as you can think of.

List of things they NEVER tell you at the new student orientation:
  1. There are three things in college: grades, sleep, and a social life. You only have time for two.

  2. The administration secretly hates you.

  3. The class that you're trying to get in will always, without fail, boot you off the waitlist.

  4. Your schedule never works out the way you want it to.

  5. You will find on the first day of classes that you have back to back lecture and the two lectures takes place on opposite sides of the campus.

  6. You and your GSI/TA just don't get along.

  7. The office of registrar always over charges you for some fee that you've never even heard of.

  8. Sleep at midnight is an "early night".

  9. You always have two midterms/finals on the same day. And they're back to back.

  10. Your math homework will not write itself.

  11. Your computer will show the blue screen of death just as you're preparing to print that 20-paged dissertation and you've been up for four nights in a row so you forgot to save the final draft. Then you can't get your computer to restart.

  12. People in your class will either be dumber than you or smarter than you.

  13. Most of your scholarship/financial aid will be spent on textbooks.

  14. You will never read the textbooks again for the rest of your college career.

  15. You will never find out what ingredients went into the mystery meat, nor would you want to.

  16. The unfinished homework pile is always higher than the finished pile.

Feel free to add anymore. Let the bitterness flow.
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