29 December 2012 @ 04:27 pm
Quick thoughts on the rumored Batman reboot  
First: Hated the TDK trilogy. Therefore, for that reason alone, I'd like to see a reboot and fix what TDK fucked up. (Will at some point actually voice all my problems in a sane post, but right now I don't quite feel up for the task.)

Second: Really hoping that this time, they'll do Batman properly. And by properly, I mean have a Robin. See, Batman simply isn't Batman without Robin. I don't care that fanboys think the lone wolf routine is so badass, it's bullshit. The only time Batman is remotely interesting is when he's interacting with Robin, so if there's no Robin, there's just yet another gloomy, dark vigilante.

Also, given that Robin was on the scene pretty much one year after the original Batman run and had been with Batman since 1940, fuck you people who think Robin isn't integral to Batman's development.

Yes, okay, Schumacher's Batman and Robin was...bad. But that's because he couldn't seem to decide if he was going for an overall dark theme or if he was aiming for 60's camp. That's not the fault of Robin. That's the fault of the movie.

Third: Yeah, I'll admit, I'm hoping a good Batman with Robin will kick start some Bruce/Dick fanfic the way Captain America has finally motivated some people to ship Steve/Bucky. (But seriously fandom, "Stucky"? o.O)
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